The 3 Best Metal Prints Companies in 2021

Metal prints are an amazing way to showcase artwork and photography.  It gives a wonderfully unique way to display rich color and detail, especially of nature photography and abstract art.

But of course, some metal prints are better than others, so we’ve picked the best metal prints companies, take a look!

#1 Pictorem

Pictorem is my #1 favorite printing service, both for professionals like me and for lay-folk that are just using the prints for decorating their home or office.  The quality is outstanding, especially when you utilize the Chromaluxe HD Dye Sublimation Printing.  Pictorem is one of only a few businesses that Chromeluxe deals directly with (and you can’t purchase from Chromalux directly), so its definitely a check in the “plus” column for Pictorem.

They also have lots of artwork and photography to choose from.  Personally I use them to make prints of my own work but if you are looking to browse extremely talented artists and pick up a few pieces, this is the place.  It’s also good that you can support independent artists.

TIP: You can also sell your own work through Pictorem. I highly recommend it if you are a working painter, photographer or visual artist.

The discounts on Pictorem can get really juicy too, last I checked there was a 40% off sale being run.  Keep an eye out for those!

#2 Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ is a great choice for metal prints for home decor or family photos.  I wouldn’t quite recommend it for art gallery quality prints, as that’s not really their target market.  They do, however, do a really good job at the home decor market, including lots of other decorative products, like custom mugs, pillows, blankets, etc.

They always run some serious sales and well, so keep an eye out for those, as they will definitely save you some money.

#3 BumbleJax

BumbleJax is a favorite of many independent photographers.  A US-based operation, they do a lot of different things like Acrylic Prints (their specialty), as well as Canvas and Metal Prints, and even Video production.

Just recently they started providing Chromaluxe HD Metal Prints, like Pictorem above, which gives them a big advantage over most operations.

They are certainly an option for professionals or amateurs, and can provide some really high quality for home decor options as well.